Yammer usage policy notification - how does it work

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I'm looking for a documented process or screenshots for how changes to the Yammer usage policy is pushed out to Yammer users.


Specifically I'd like to know:

  • What does it look like?
  • Is it a push or email or 
  • Is it immediate or on next log on?
  • Does everyone get it at once?
  • Do admins get it?


The information I could find from MS is more around setting one up, than about how it pushes out to the network.

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Hi Rebecca, the usage policy can be a notification that appears in the sidebar and as a pop-up when users join the network which they have to agree to before proceeding in the network. This is configurable: 




Here are some examples of what this looks like -


Here is a nice guide on the usage policy, with examples and suggestions


Plus the documentation, including a sample policy -


To add to Cian's wonderful answer, if you update the Usage Policy, it will 'pop up' again for all users the first time they sign into Yammer after the change. 

@Michael Holste Is it possible to track if users accept or reject a revised policy?  Trying to see if it's a logged event somewhere, and if so where, and how to get at it!