WOL Week Yammer AMA!

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It's happening tomorrow in the Yammer AMA group. We hope to see you there!


Join Yammer MVPs for a Working Out Loud in Yammer Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA)!


This AMA (just like a YamJam!) is the opportunity to ask questions about Working Out Loud (WOL) with the Yammer MVPs and product team!


Join us at 11am PT on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Add the event to your calendar here


Announcing a WOL Week Yammer AMA!Announcing a WOL Week Yammer AMA!



We hope to see you there! (aka.ms/ama/Yammer)


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A great happening that I will sadly miss.


As it starts I will be in 'rush to get me and the kids ready for work/care mode'.


I look forward to catching up on it during my morning commute.