My Yammer, then and now

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As I checked-in to this community for the last of probably 5-6 times today I started reflecting on my history with Yammer, and how much I have changed in using it.


Looking at the People Directory in my work network I am reminded (actually told, my memory is not that good) that I joined it on July 6 2010. I don't remember who told me/invited me to Yammer but soon enough I was conversing back and forth with what must have been a small number of people, at least in those early days of the ATO.GOV.AU network.


I haven't been active in the network constantly over the 6 and a bit years of its existence.

Within a year of its creation IT had blocked access to it inline with their operating model of that time.

I recall that being overturned a few years or sooner later and back in we happily went.

Was I aware it was available on mobile? Don't know, that dodgy memory again :(


The next big period in ATO Yammer was a Proof of Concept (POC) trial.

Numerous business areas got in on it in an attempt to determine if it had any business application/value.

I can imagine many in this space thinking 'Really, they had to do a trial to prove that?'

I can't even tell you what the collective assessment was from that trial as I never saw or heard much outside of the network on it.


Since the trial a few business areas kept it reasonably active and then came 2016.

Early this year, we had a little over 2000 members.

Small considering our 18000+ workforce, but it has never been promoted or seen as an official channel

Strong promotion by some business areas and numerous fans like myself have seen membership rise to (right now) 5889 members.


And soon (as soon as any IT related release can be) we launch the Enterprise version to our whole org.


Now, finally back to how I have changed with it.


I think and look back on my early network conversations and much of my early interaction was me thinking this was simply a bit of fun and a neat way to meet new people.

Could I have really been so unstrategic or blind to its real value then?

Hell yes!


Thankfully that has very much changed, and the fact that I am part of this community is just one indicator of the value and benefits we all KNOW Yammer creates.


This change in my attitude and use of Yammer has not simply been about me.

Changes in culture at work, the economic necessity to work more efficiently, the rise of digital and many others have all played their part.


Feel free to post with your Yammer then and now, or anything else from your history with it.


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That's a great look back over your (Yammer) timeline, personally and professionally.

It strikes me that with the initial lack of promotion or executive buy-in, it's a marvel that you used it at all--and more, kept using it despite these formidable barriers.


I wouldn't say any blindess to its strategic value was at your door. Meeting new people and uncovering new things about people you already know is an important facet of Yammer or any other enterprise social network.


And now you are getting ready for the Enterprise version!


As you said, it can be a huge culture change, and with most of us being just too good at staying comfortable in a rut, it takes a lot (a lot!) of work to get enough people willing to try it.


I'll be back with my then & now, this is fun.