Events calendar in Yammer?

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I'm missing a interesting "facebook-like" functionallity: events calendar and discussion/photo related.


There is any possibility to have in future implementation?





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Carlo, as Yammer continues to integrate with Office 365 groups, we expect to see functionality adds such as the ability to escalate a Yammer conversation into a Skype call and schedule a meeting using Outlook calendar.


I don't have any specifics, so I can't speak to how "Facebook-like" this functionality will be.


However, I genuinely hope that continued progress toward seamless or at least painless user transitions between Yammer and/in Office 365 groups and/or SharePoint/Sites will deliver improvements on file storage, sharing, and discussion... including "picture library" types of assets.


If my use of "/" is confusing, it's because we're simply living at an interesting time. Some orgs run Yammer standalone, others are in O365 and have both Yammer and Office 365 groups on, others are in O365 and have either Yammer or Office 365 groups off, and companies have different iterations of SharePoint... which is rebooting and reinventing furiously, and now seems to have become nearly as agile as Yammer (which can change on any day with "Y" in the name).


Watch the news coming out of the Ignite conference closely, and the O365 product roadmap too. I think this is where you'll find latest/greatest and credible forecast.

Hi Melanie


I hope Microsoft resolves integration issues between all the different collaboration platforms, adding also TFS/Visual Studio Online (Team Room feature right now completly useless without any integration in Yammer, O365 Groups, Skype, etc).


Still waiting to understand any strategy in MS... maybe it is the time!



Events in particular would be useful. We often use Yammer as a companion app for events, but it would be great to have a structure that can manage speaker bios, breakout sessions, logistic sections etc...

is there any news about such topic?


many thanks



+1 on this. I would like to see Calendar in Yammer.