Yammer explained: How the feed works
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The Yammer home feed drives discovery and engagement across communities in a network. The feed relies on algorithms to determine which posts are the most relevant to you. Every person’s home feed is different, because we all care about different things. The Yammer home feed algorithm scans all Yammer messages that are available to you every time you visit the feed, personalizes the experience and helps you find the conversations that are relevant to you.  


And depending on how active and the size of your network, the number of conversations may be overwhelming, especially to new members. So, how does Yammer help you find the posts that are particularly relevant to you? What impacts the feed and how can you help influence what is delivered? Let’s take a closer look...  


What impacts the feed? 

Yammer looks at who you follow and what Yammer communities you’ve joined. Yammer also looks at the conversations happening across your entire network. The more signals you provide to Yammer, the better job we can do at recommending content you care about.


People and communities. Whenever you visit the Yammer home feed, we get a list of all the of people you engage with most frequently. These are the people that you interact with in Yammer, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or other Microsoft 365 tools.   

We also pull the list of communities you participate in. For example, if you visit a community, or reply to a post from that community, then we increase the "affinity score" between you and that community.  


Collectively, we use a list of the closest people and the top communities and pull all the conversations from those two groups. We examine each conversation and pass them through our machine learning model. For example, communities with more participation receive a different weight for the algorithm. We also look at information regarding the user who posted the conversation. For example, how many followers does this user have, how much interaction you have with that person, or how active they are in the network. 


Conversation attributes. Attributes such as who the author is, how long ago the message was posted, who replied, who reacted and how many people have reacted to the message are all examples of the ways we evaluate every conversation to determine its relevancy to you.  Other contributing factors include whether your post includes pictures and videos or whether it is a poll or a question.  


Impacts of  the feed.PNG


All of the posts are ranked based on relevancy and the likelihood that you’ll like or reply to them. Sometimes, these recommendations will make absolute sense to you because it’s a message from your boss, or your closest coworker.  


We add all these attributes into the machine learning ‘blender’, and return a prioritized list of conversations for your feed. Additionally, we will help you discover unseen content that is relevant. We think of it as expanding your peripheral vision. Eventually, you’ll begin to see posts from other communities and coworkers that derive from this prioritized list of relevant conversations. 



What makes up the Yammer home feed? 

Once we rank all threads from the communities you belong to and the people you follow, we remove any threads from communities that you have muted. If your network admin has chosen to feature a conversation, wwill show you that “Featured Conversation” near the top of your feed. This is how we assemble the final feed that you see on your Yammer Home page. 


How we personalize your home feed

This is a visual representation of how the Yammer feed is constructed.This is a visual representation of how the Yammer feed is constructed.





How do featured conversations rank in the feed? A featured conversation is a post that the community admin has boosted for a specific time window. If there is more than one featured conversation available to you, we will show the soonest-to-expire one.


What about SharePoint News articles? We also include SharePoint News articles if there is one available to you. You can expect less than 1% of the feed with SharePoint news article.


What else could show up in my feed? Recommendations for you to discover more people to follow or communities to join. We only show this module if we predict there is a high likelihood of you accepting our recommendations.


Yammer will also show you ranked trending content. This may be content you are not subscribed to, but Yammer thinks it could be interesting based on the high number of reactions a conversation is getting from many people across the org.


4 ways to improve your Yammer feed

The Yammer home feed relies on signals (previous actions you have taken) to understand what you find interesting.  These are the actions you can take to influence the content in your feed.


  1. Join communities. Joining the right communities and leaving the ones you are not interested in helps improve recommendations.
  2. Like or reply to posts that are interesting to you. Interacting with conversations you find engaging will help our algorithms learn about the content you care about.
  3. Follow people. One of the strongest signals we use to rank content is whether you are following the author of the post or replies. In the coming months, we’ll be providing better ways for you to follow people in your network.
  4. Mute communities. Muting a community will guarantee that you don’t see more posts from that community in your feed, unless the post is featured by the community admin.


We are constantly learning from you about how you use the feed. You can expect our feed relevancy to continue to improve over time.

Stay tuned for more details as we continue fine tuning the Yammer feed for you.


The Yammer feed FAQ

  1. Why if I scroll through the home feed, do I still see the unread messages in my communities?

    The Yammer feed only includes messages that were posted in the last 30 days, so it can be the case that you have unseen messages that are 31 days or older in your communities. It could also be the case that you muted a community. Messages from that community won’t show in your feed, but you will still see these messages as unseen next to the community in your list of communities.


  1. Why can’t we just see a chronologically sorted feed?
    There is far more content available than we can ever consume. Therefore, the home feed uses an algorithm to help you rank all the content and sort it based on how relevant each post is to you. Even though we don’t sort the feed chronologically, the time since the message was posted is an important input when we rank content. We know that the timing of the content plays a big role in whether users engage with the post.


  1. Why do I see more than one Featured Conversation in my feed?
    Featured Conversations are posts that community admins can boost for a time window. If you belong to a community where an admin “Features” a conversation, then next time you go to your Home Feed you will see it in the second slot in your feed. However, there may be more than one featured conversation available. Near the top of your feed, we show the soonest-to-expire conversation. The next-to-expire featured conversation will also show near the top of your feed if you refresh your browser and so on until you run out of featured conversations that are available to you.


  1. I muted a community, why am I seeing posts from that community in my feed?
    The only reason you may see a post from a community you’ve muted is if the community admin featured a conversation. Given that the community admin has taken this very intentional action of boosting that conversation, we believe that it’s important for you to see it.


  1. I don’t know why I’m seeing a post in my feed if I’m not a part of that community nor do I follow this author?
    Yammer prioritizes content from communities you’ve joined or people you follow. We believe there is value in helping you discover conversations that might be relevant to you, but that you wouldn’t find otherwise. We’ve heard from our users that Yammer helps them expand their peripheral vision and discover discussions from people they don’t know or communities they don’t belong to. Based on previous interactions between you and other coworkers, Yammer can determine the affinity level between you and them. We try to help you discover these other Yammer members and content so that you are aware of what’s happening around you.
  1. I see threads in my feed that are labeled “Recommended”. What does “Recommended” mean? Why was the conversation recommended to me?
    Today, recommended content includes posts from people you are close to but don’t necessarily follow. It could also include posts to which your closest coworkers commented. Finally, it also includes posts from communities you interact a lot with but you’re not a member of. We’re currently working on the recommended labels to make more specific explanations.


Learn more in the support documentation. 


The details here are extraordinarily useful and detail. So very helpful.

Regular Visitor

Why if I scroll through the home feed, do I still see the unread messages in my communities? This FAQ does not address the issue we see in our Yammer network where brand new posts in a user's communities they follow are not shown in the Home Feed. Instead older already read posts get prioritised. There is either an error here or something missing from the answer provided. These are not posts in muted communities, or posts > 30 days old. Users really can't understand why their Home Feed prioritises content that is weeks old and already read, over unread content in their communities. Appreciate you are trying to drive traffic to "relevant" older posts that need a response, but user is likely to have already decided they have nothing to add to that post?

Hi @cjheyes, the scenario you mention is accurate. What's happening in that specific case is most likely that the brand new posts you are seeing in the communities are replies to posts you've seen. So, you will see the counter next to the community increase signaling that there are new messages in that community, however, we will prioritize unseen posts (not unseen replies) in your home feed. 


We are continuously working to improve the feed, and we are currently exploring how to resurface posts you've already seen but that have unseen, relevant replies. 


Thank you so much for your feedback. It helps us improve the feed for you!

Regular Visitor

Thanks Fernando this is actually very helpful additional information. I think this does actually explain what we're seeing so this will be really valuable to explain to our user community as well.  

New Contributor

Hello. I have just migrate from Workplace by Facebook to Yammer. And my boss is so serious about features we once have at facebook but not in Yammer such as schedule post, editable attachment/attached pics and to show latest thread instead of latest activity by default. I would like to join your communities to suggest and to help developing Yammer to be more practical, How could I?

New Contributor


Great article. We now understand more what's going on behind the scene.

Like @Saran_Sarah_Hansakul we are in the process of migrating from Workplace to Yammer. The difference is we are migrating all recent history through API. 

From our testing so far, The home feed goes crazy because we feed it 10 000 posts in 2 days time.


@fernandomartinezovelar is there a way to shut-off/ control the home feed? or any suggestion on how to approach this issue?


e.g. the home feed is promoting feeds that are technicaly new but they were created 6 months ago in workplace!

Hi @Raouf Harbeg, thanks for reaching out. How long will the transition period be -- from the moment you migrate the content to the day users start coming to Yammer?


The problem you describe should automatically solve itself after 30 days because the Home Feed doesn't show posts that are older than 30 days.

New Contributor

@fernandomartinezovelar  thanks for getting back. We are planing on doing the migration on 2 phases 

  1. first phase -  migrate everything (groups and posts) - this can take up to a week 
  2. second phase - incremental migration - migrate all changes that happened during phase 1 -  one weekend

so to answer your question  --> one week

Senior Member

Hi, I haven't found an answer to How can I set the All Conversations (instead of Home Feed) when people go to Yammer?

Is it possible?  Tenant wide or user-by-user configuration?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @gabrielgordon, thanks for reaching out. We currently don't support changing the default "landing" feed. 

Frequent Visitor

Since the new UI is now enforced also in our tenant, how can I get my "Following" feed back?

The Home feed is flooding with old stuff and almost never showing anything what I'm actually following.


Occasional Contributor

very help-full and informative

Occasional Visitor

What impact will storyline have on the home feed?  Will my executives see everyone's personal feeds in the home feed or only the people they follow and interact with?

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