What’s new and what’s coming for Yammer - July 2021

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This month we announced a variety of new integrations and capabilities geared to help individuals and organizations connect, share, and engage in a hybrid world. In fact, Yammer usage has doubled year-over-year and now supports tens of millions of monthly active users worldwide, and now we're bringing the superpowers of Yammer, including communities, open conversation, and discovery experiences into Microsoft 365 and Viva in even more ways. 


What’s new?   


Post on behalf of another user. We’re excited to announce that users can now post on behalf of another user in Yammer. After approval is granted, internal communicators can use this feature to share news and updates as well as reply to comments on behalf of leaders and their teams. And this new capability is not limited to Yammer admins—any user can choose to delegate access to any other person. Check out more details and best practices in the announcement blog. 



Yammer emails landing in Outlook have a new look. Yammer Discovery and Digest emails have been improved and the interactive experience is now being delivered to a larger set of users. Non-Outlook clients will now have the ability to react and view engagement activity related to conversations included within the notification email.



Based on customer feedback, the organization of the message list has been reordered in a more logical manner. Messages now include nesting, replies, and have been expanded to include additional content to provide a seamless look and feel with the rest of Yammer.  



Follow conversations by topic. To help you stay in touch with conversations around a topic of interest, we’re adding a new capability to topics in Yammer. When you visit a topic page, you can already follow the topic and in the future you’ll be able to see who else is following the topic. This helps you find experts and collaborators, and helps gauge interest in topics. The new “Followers” section on topic pages in Yammer is in development now, and we’ll bring it to customers in the future.  


Enhancements to Communities app for Microsoft TeamsThe Communities app for Microsoft Teams helps you stay connected to what’s happening in your communities, tap into knowledge across teams and departments, and crowdsource solutions and best practices from frontline workers. We’re updating the app to inherit Microsoft Teams styling, further incorporate notifications and deep-linking. Additionally, you’ll be able to browse, discover, and join communities around your Yammer network directly in the Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams on the web, desktop, or mobile. 





Add Communities to Outlook for the web 

Recently we announced the communities app for Outlook, which brings the full Yammer experience inside Outlook for the web. Starting soon, you be able to engage in communities, participate in conversations and live events, and share knowledge openly with your peers without leaving the Outlook app. 




In the next couple of months, we will also be offering this update to Outlook for Windows. 



Q&A in Microsoft Teams meetings. We’re bringing a new experience for questions and answers in meetings with the Q&A app, which allows meeting organizers and presenters to add open or moderated Q&As to any Teams meeting. The Q&A app enables attendees to ask and reply to questions before and during a meeting. Organizers and designated presenters can mark best answers, filter responses, moderate and dismiss questions, and pin posts. Responses to questions are threaded in a conversation with the original question. Designated presenters can act as co-moderators to help screen questions. 



Coming soon – Q&A in Teams meetings (powered by Yammer) 
Q&A is ideally suited for large and more structured meetings, such as leadership presentations, webinars, classroom trainings, all-hands meetings, and community events. The Q&A app is currently in private preview and will be rolling out soon. 

Learn more about this new app:  



New Native Mode experiences. Files in communities that are in native mode have now have a familiar way to view and browse files uploaded to a Yammer community.  




Also, the experience for file migration by including an automatic file rename option has been improved to optimize the migration to native mode. Learn more about native mode here 


Link previews in Yammer  Behind the scenes we have improved link previews to expand the types of links that generate a rich preview. And now these link previews are available on the Yammer mobile app. Currently, Yammer is the first Microsoft app that shows rich link previews of SharePoint sites and news articles! 



Watch videos seamlessly  Based on customer feedback, we improved the Yammer iOS app video playback to now support all file formats and bitrates to improve our video playback experience.  


Furthermore, you can now watch videos hosted in OneDrive, SharePoint or Stream inline on the web, with the ability to view inline on mobile very soon.  




We will continue to make the experience seamless as you share and connect with employees in your communities.  

Keep an eye on the M365 Public roadmap and the blog for what’s new and what’s next.  



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Hello - Since the latest update, my announcements sent through Outlook have been abbreviated. They are no longer available as interactive posts in Outlook and my views have dropped significantly. Has something changed or been turned off that I need to turn back on? Thanks!

Senior Member

@Atech1955 @YammerTeam Experiencing the the same thing on my end. The announcements sent to Outlook are not interactive and appear as small dialog box. Have not seen anything online that indicates a fix for this.

Occasional Contributor

Is Q&A is only a myth?


Senior Member

Experiencing the same as @Atech1955 and @BrandonG22 


@Andrew_Woo - its coming soon to Teams Meetings. 


@BrandonG22 @Atech1955 @Matt Laverack - Hi! I reached out to our teams, and this is not expected behavior, could you fill out a support ticket so we can get more details to investigate further. Thanks!

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@Allison Michels - Thanks. Have logged a unified support call. I can see the interactive elements in OWA.

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Hi @Allison Michels - did you hear back from the Yammer/Outlook Product Teams on this? I still have a ticket open with Premier Support, but over a month in they are struggling to understand what's happening. Thanks (Ticket # 27349593). Regards, Matt


@Matt Laverack  - thanks for the ticket number, I will reach out and let you know. 

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Hi @Allison Michels , Support are saying that the feature isn't fully rolled out now and we probably only saw it by mistake (this was from the product group). I suppose that aligns with the wording above: "Yammer emails landing in Outlook have a new look. Yammer Discovery and Digest emails have been improved and the interactive experience is now being delivered to a larger set of users.

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Yes, this is the problem with Microsoft and they are doing fortune telling all the time.

It is very difficult for us to relay the messages to end-users and it is don't know when it will be available.


This is some analogy of we will be able to goto Mars next year


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Is there a MS Roadmap ID associated with the UI update in the Communities app for Teams? I'd love to know when I can expect that, as we're going to be rolling out Yammer soon. I can't seem to find anything else about it other than this post though.


Has this rolled out to everyone now? "Yammer emails landing in Outlook have a new look."  
If so, how would we know, and is there something we have to do to activate? Does it need Outlook Online?

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