[Watch on-demand] Meet the new Yammer Webinar, May 12, 2020

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Discover how Yammer has been rebuilt to power community through leadership engagement, corporate communications, knowledge sharing, and a modern employee experience. This webinar will show you UI and capabilities, the new Yammer in public preview, All Company updates, the new Yammer app for Microsoft Teams, and more!


Download the event deck here.



Webinar Q&A 


New Yammer


Is there a way to post to Yammer with a distribution list of managers? 

You can use Flow to post on behalf of someone, but there is no out of the box way (yet) 


Of the following apps/services, what does Yammer integrate with: SharePoint (I know it must, but not sure how), Oracle, Eloqua, and Asana. 

We are working on a new embed experience to help you bring Yammer to the surfaces you'd like to see it on. We have an update to the SharePoint webpart coming soon.  


When is dark mode coming? I have already had a taste of it through the Microsoft Teams app and it looks fab. 

It is here for mobile and the Communities app for Microsoft Teams now. We are working on it but looking to build the full experiences first on our path to GA 


Is the Yammer Outlook Integration still rolling out to tenants?  Still seeing the old emails coming out depending on the tenant and Yammer network.  On this question: is there something the end-user (or global admin) needs to do to enable this integration 

The Yammer Outlook integration is currently only available for Outlook on the web. You will need to make sure you have emails enabled for those communities. It does not work for external networks now. It is still currently in development for Outlook for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. 


The add topics function when authoring a new post is not available in the new Yammer experience. You can only modify topics after a post has been posted. Is this something that will be added to the new Yammer experience? 

Coming soon! 


Will the new Yammer have better reporting capabilities for administrators? 

After the new UI and features are released, we will be taking a look at expanding analytics + reporting. 


What is the best practice on Yammer, for a use-case where we need to animate a debate with all employees with ideas, feedbacks, recommendations, suggestions gathering from users ? and is there Semantic Analysis of those feedbacks from users in order to help classify different types of feedbacks to that debate? 

Check out the Yammer lookbook, Adoption Guide and our blog with our customer stories of how they use Yammer. And you can set up a sentiment analysis for your network. You can also use other 3rd party analytics solutions for Yammer to dive deeper into analytics and reporting.  


When is the new All Company functionality live? 

The new All Company functionality is rolling out over this month. By the end of the month all tenants should be able to see these changes! 


We want to add the same information to our LinkedIn and Facebook business pages to show potential employees the community within our company. Can we share posts to social media accounts and vice a versa? 

You could set up a Flow to pull tweets into a Yammer community. You cannot share from Yammer to external social media accounts.   


How do I publish news articles from SharePoint to Yammer? 

We are working on making this experience better. Right now, just share the link (there is a share to Yammer button).  


Will files be moved automatically to SharePoint sites connected to communities? 

At this point, we aren't migrating existing content just for connecting an existing community. However, if you’re interested in migrating content, moving your network to native mode will connect all your communities to Office 365 and move all content to SharePoint. 


Where can I register for those virtual events?  

How do you recommend we get our orgs to adopt the new Yammer? What are they key features that will make their lives easier, or collaborating with the enterprise easier? 

Check out the Yammer lookbook, Adoption Guide and our blog with our customer stories of how they use Yammer.  We have a guide for what’s new in the new Yammer for each role. Plus you can use our FAQ and customize it for your organization. More resources like an email template or tips and tricks are in the Yammer Adoption Resource Center! 


In Native Mode, can I delete a Community by deleting the O365 Group? 

Yes, by deleting the O365 group the community will be deleted as well. 


Apart from logo is there any other customization available. examples like applying custom theme to match the company branding. 

Yes! Check out the Yammer Image and file sizing guide for our recommendations for sizes and branding opportunities.  


How about guess access or external users? 

Here are more details about Yammer user management.  


If I am interchanging between the old Yammer and the new Yammer, will the edits I make to a post on the old Yammer also be made to the same post on the new Yammer? 



Yammer Public Preview 


Is the rollout for the preview complete? I cannot yet see the option in my tenant (Europe) 

It is currently rolling out should Microsoft 365 Global Admins see the ability to enable it. Check here for step by step instructions for how to enable it.  


Is the new Yammer applicable to native mode only? 

You can get the new Yammer without being in Native Mode.  


Hi team! Is there a sunset date for Classic Yammer?  

It depends on unforeseen issues, bugs, etc. We want to ensure everyone has plenty of time to move to the new UI and that there is difference in experience or features. We will be sure to communicate what we know.


Yammer app for Microsoft Teams 


In Microsoft Teams, when the Communities app is Pinned to the left menu, will the app "button" get the red notification like other apps when new messages/activity takes place? Will the Teams app for Yammer "light up" when there's new activity in one of my communities? 

Not yet--you will need to go to the Communities app for now. We are working on it. It is on our roadmap to unify notifications while in the app.  


Can you explain how Yammer and Microsoft Teams channels will not compete? 

Bring the new Yammer into Microsoft Teams to add your communities and "organization wide conversations and events" into the hub for teamwork. 


Re: Yammer app for Microsoft Teams > will we be able to change the Network it connects to at the user-level?  For example, I want to watch an External network from Teams, not my company default network 

Great idea! Not currently on our roadmap but I could see the use case for this 


Also, out of curiosity - why was it renamed "Communities" instead of Yammer?   

To align with the current styling in Teams that uses Chat (skype), Calendar (Outlook), Files (SharePoint) and now Communities (Yammer). As well, in some of the research we’ve done, the word “communities” resonated much better with new users that are unfamiliar with the value of Yammer.  


Is there a way to search for posts in Communities in Teams?  Does the Topic feature also bring up a lookup list when typing a Topic? 

Searching for posts is coming soon!


Would like to know more about integration between Yammer and Teams 

Learn more on our blog here 


Can you pull existing Yammer groups into Communities?   

It is your full Yammer experience, just inside Microsoft Teams. 


Can private messages within Yammer be disabled? I can see this particularly confusing for users if 'Communities' is added as a tab within Teams. People would expect messages to go to Teams and not the inbox in Yammer. 

We're thinking about it--on the other hand, we didn’t want users to miss messages that messages sent to them, even if it's from Yammer 


Will the new Yammer experience come to the Microsoft Teams Tab experience too(today it shows the classic look and feel) just like the Teams Yammer app demoed by Ethan? 

Yes! We’re currently prioritizing bringing the things you missed, such as search and notifications, before coming back to update the tab. 


Will the Microsoft teams integration (communities app in Teams) replace the Yammer desktop app? 

We are still coming up with a plan for the Yammer desktop app, but it is one of the options we are considering. 


Live events  


When a live event is hosted in the all company community will attendees be able to ask question on the event page? And will these questions be displayed on the overall community page? 

Yes, and yes. The All Company will get it's own event page 


What is the difference between having live event on Yammer or in Microsoft Teams? 

Check out our Live Event Resource Page – lots of playbooks, how -to’s and scenarios to walk you through which is best for each situation.  


Live events made within Yammer, are they also accessible anonymously out-side the company? 

Live Events in Yammer are not accessible anonymously outside your network. 


Can live events be private (on invitation only)? 

Live events in Yammer are based on the community membership, so if you have a private community, only members of your community will be able to access this live event.  



Occasional Contributor

Looking forward to this webinar.

Occasional Visitor

Where would the recording be available?


@Ivana Moretti  - right here! We will update this blog post after we have the recording and the Q&As. 


Informative webinar on Yammer and its integration with other Office apps! Thank you.

Senior Member

Hi, requesting actual timelines for the following key access routes please - 


1. When will the Desktop Yammer app be refreshed and available (this will be a blocker for our launch as the majority of our people use the desktop Yammer app to access Yammer)? We are launching the Communities app in Teams but we still need the actual desktop app at the same time, timelines on this would be most beneficial to set expectations, please e.g will it be available by end of May?


2. Outlook Online is now available but when will the interactive Desktop Outlook be available please, again, will this be in May?


3. Short New Yammer training videos - when will support.com be updated with the New Yammer videos and guidelines?, do we need to record everything ourselves or will there be new material published for all the new features such as the Search Bar, Home Feed, Pin conversation, update a cover photo etc e.g when is the timeline for everything to be refreshed and available and will it all be available at Office.com or somewhere else?


So many questions but hopefully straightforward to answer! look forward to hearing from you :)



@Bernie Murtagh Thanks for the questions!  


1 - We are very seriously looking into this. No timeline yet.

2 - Coming very soon. Stay tuned to the blog for more details. Timelines and details were shared in the webinar. 

3 - Content for legacy Yammer and new Yammer will live side by side on those two sites you shared, some is already live!  The Yammer Adoption Resources have already been updated at Yammer Adoption Resource Center, including training guides, FAQs and one pagers. As for videos we are working on what's the best way for ongoing training videos with the rapid changes that are continuing to happen to TBD for videos. 

Occasional Contributor

Hi @Allison Michels , I have read that for new Office 365 tenants in the EU Yammer data is also stored in the EU. There is also the possibility for companies with >10.000 users to migrate from US to EU. Is there a way for companies less than 10.000? I have a couple of companies with ~5.000 employees that would also want there date to be in the EU location.

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