New Year, new experiences rolling out for Yammer
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Happy 2021! The Yammer team has been busy over the past several weeks and we wanted to take a moment to share some updates on previously announced features and experiences that are in the process of rolling out.

Share to Yammer from SharePoint
Soon, you’ll be able to send SharePoint pages directly to Yammer communities. This new capability makes it easy to start Yammer posts, questions, polls, and praises right from SharePoint pages. The new Send to dialog box includes the full fidelity Yammer publishing experiences with the ability to style questions, praise, and polls as well as add rich text and images.

ShareToYammer 999.png


New Yammer Embed
Bring the new Yammer styling and functionality to any webpage using the new Embed. If you are using the classic embed experience, no action is needed. Learn more.



New Yammer tab for Microsoft Teams
Get the modern styling and features of the new Yammer in your Yammer tab within Microsoft Teams. Rolling out now!



Immersive Virtual Event Styling
New Yammer virtual event improvements are here to optimize your viewing experience! These changes include:

  • a side-by-side viewer so that you can engage in the conversation while keeping the video player front and center.
  • the ability to collapse pinned conversations to focus on new conversations
  • a new feed that showcases conversation threads



Hashtags and Topics
We shared the future of hashtags and topics in this blog. Now, the visual updates have been made to topics and clicking a hashtag now opens a page of community search results on that tag. Another change, that allows users to post a hashtag without automatically adding a topic is now underway and should be widely available by mid-January. Other changes noted in the blog are coming soon.


Continuing Improvements
We’ve also tightened up whitespace and padding, and brought additional administrative features and navigation to the mobile experiences. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be rolling out additional insights for conversations and events, tightening the integration between Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint, and shipping new features relating to knowledge, corporate communications and more– so keep an eye on our blog and Twitter!


-Mike Holste
Mike Holste is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Yammer and Employee Experience at Microsoft



The Share to SharePoint feature works pretty good, but uses the page's URL as the headline rather than the page's Title ("Store Opening..." in your example). Is this something the Yammer/SharePoint team are looking to address?


Why can't we have a preview / nice image for the page when it comes from SharePoint? Pages from the web are rendered a lot better than from SP. 


2021-01-11 20_55_37-(1) Yammer - Événement de test et 11 pages de plus - RCGT – Microsoft​ Edge Dev.png

@Benoit Fournier If the SharePoint page has a header image then that image does get pulled into the preview in Yammer.

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When Microsoft bring UK data residency to Yammer it'll be exciting to use; whilst the data residency is only billing zone we still can't exploit this as much as we'd like.

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Any plans to improve the Yammer search?  Most searches treat multiple words as if joined with And.  Yammer treats them as joined with Or.  


I know it's possible to force and behavior by typing AND (which must be typed uppercase!), or by preceding keywords with a + sign.  In my experience, most Yammer users don't know this and find it difficult to narrow their search results.

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The new Yammer interface's Search has taken a couple of steps backwards.  There's no option to restrict the hits to specific dates, and it longer shows the number of hits.


@WhatsMyName - Updates and Improvements to search are coming! 


@Benoit Fournier we are working at improving SP previews. You are right they need to be at least as good as links from the web. No timeline to share yet, but this is important to us.


@Edward Whishaw no plans for UK data residency yet, but we do support EU residency and wondering if that would suffice for you. Perhaps not, but just checking.


Thanks. It’s definitely heading to the right direction. 

A few comments ... 


- As it is mentioned above, pages coming from SPO (send to) to Yammer does not render nicely, it shows the long URL of the SPO page which is eye sore. If you take the same URL and post it directly in Yammer then the URL link can be removed with nice text. Hope this gets addressed. 
Also hoping in the future we would be able to use Send As when sending from SPO to Yammer. 

- To use  Live Events your Yammer network must need to be setup with M/O 365 Connected Group and there are specific requirements must be met before Yammer Network can be set as M/O 365 Connected Group. so this needs to be said clearly when suggesting to use Live Events.


Besides, Live Events at it’s current stage is not useable in a prod settings. It’s very slow and there are awful  lag times. 

- how about Moderation? It’s a must have feature in corporate settings. This needs to be looked at throughly.  


- Also noticed the documentation on Yammer in Yammer doc centre refers to old yammer predominantly and that’s confusing as we are not going to use legacy Yammer. It would be nice to have a section for all the new Yammer. 





It would be nice for a community admin to be able to hide the Community Resources info, e,g. SP site, Document Library, OneNote, Planner as most of these (especially NoteBook, Planner) will not be necessary or used in a community. Thanks 

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