Are you ready for Viva Engage? 10 ways Yammer customers can get ready now
Published Jul 27 2022 09:00 AM 7,739 Views

Last week, we introduced Microsoft Viva Engage, an evolution of the current Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams. Beyond community and virtual event experiences, it also features new consumer-like expression capabilities called Storyline and Stories, making it easier for employees to connect with colleagues and share and socialize their thoughts through conversations, images, and videos — similar to how they do within their personal social platforms.

Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage


Based on our initial conversations with customers, partners, and our product teams, we’ve heard some similarities about how to prepare for the upcoming change with Viva Engage. Here’s a list of things that network admins, community managers, and stakeholders can do to get ready for Viva Engage coming this August.


1. Watch the playback of the latest Yammer Best Practices call and learn about Viva Engage, what’s coming and when, and see a live demo of the new Viva Engage experiences, including storyline and stories. Many questions were asked and answered by our product teams. The recording is available here. Download the slides here


2. Install and pin the Communities app globally in Microsoft Teams. Work with your IT Admins to pin, customize or adjust the app in Teams. The app will automatically update to Viva Engage branding at the end of August. The new Viva Engage UX will rollout from the end of August to the end of September.




3. Inform community admins that this change is coming. Let community admins know to prepare for Viva Engage. For example, branded communities are very useful to help bring recognition when navigating between communities and feeds within Viva Engage. If they haven’t already, encourage community admins to upload cover photos, edit information about the community, and upload community icons. Communities with icons will be easily recognizable on the right rail in the list of communities.


Resources: Cover photo template, Community of Interests deep dive


4. Consider moving to Native Mode. While this is not required to use Viva Engage, it's highly recommended for your organization to get your Yammer network into Native Mode. As we continue to build new functionality, having your Yammer network in native mode will be a requirement. Learn more about our Native Mode Alignment tool and what is required for Native Mode.


5. Help your users understand their notifications in Microsoft Teams. With the Viva Engage app installed, users will receive notifications in the Activity feed in Teams. By selecting the setting wheel in their Activity Feed, users can choose which Viva Engage notifications will appear, including Storyline.




6. Use the opportunity to re-invigorate Yammer communities. Use the launch of Viva Engage and the Storyline capability to drive excitement and engagement in your Yammer network. For example: A) Help leaders to start posting on their Storyline. B) Create enthusiasm among your new hires with the Viva Engage app in Teams. C) Run a campaign to encourage users to add a cover photo to their Storyline. Use the opportunity to demonstrate the value that communities bring to your organization.


Resource: Campaign Playbook, Yammer Adoption Center


7. Update and review your Yammer governance, strategy, and user terms. Along with using Viva Engage to help you attract new users to your Yammer network, take the opportunity to review your current Yammer governance – how do you support community admins? How do you clean up old communities? How do you allow users to create new communities? You can also use the opportunity to review and update your usage policy or even to review your entire Yammer strategy. Need some good starting points? Watch our Customer Best Practices session on making Yammer a success.


8. Communicate and prepare users by updating your documentation. Here’s a starter FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for you to download, review and edit to be a resource that you can customize for your organization. Use this asset to help address the concerns and highlight the changes for your end users. Plus check out last week's blog post with more FAQs. 


Resources: Viva Engage Customizable FAQ; Viva Engage Video


9. Download the Microsoft Teams mobile app to access Viva Engage. The Communities app in Teams in iOS and Android will also be rebranded to Viva Engage, however the UX remains largely the same. Learn more about the mobile app here.




10. Plan your Viva Engage integrations across the Microsoft Viva Employee Experience suite. Viva Engage is a great place to start your Microsoft Viva Employee Experience journey. By deploying Viva Engage, you will create dynamic two-way engagement that adds richness and further personalization in Viva Connections. The Viva Engage connection to Viva Topics enables social knowledge and conversation to complement your more static organizational knowledge (such as files). 


We are looking forward to what’s ahead and ready to help prepare you and your organizations for the upcoming changes. Stay tuned as we continue to share more and join us for the upcoming Best Practice session for the future of Yammer and Viva Engage. 


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