Welcome to the Working Out Loud in Yammer AMA!

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Welcome to this special-edition Working Out Loud Week AMA! We’re incredibly excited to have both Yammer MVPs and Yammer Product Team members in the room help to answer questions and discuss Working Out Loud!   


For this AMA, we have a series of questions to help lead the discussion. Please answer each question on the corresponding thread.    


To kick the hour off, please introduce yourself below. Question 5 is posted!


Announcing a WOL Week Yammer AMA!Announcing a WOL Week Yammer AMA!



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Hi everyone! Steve Nguyen, Yammer Product Evangelist on the Yammer Product team. Excited to talk about working out loud!

Happy Birthday @Lana O'Brien Smiley LOL Thanks for all that you do!


Naomi Moneypenny, CTO at https://StreamingItOutLoud.com and huge believer in Working Out Loud checking in also in Redmond for MVP Summit!



Question one is now live! Here's the thread

Hey y'all. It's Amy Dolzine here from EY. Sitting in Redmond at the Microsoft MVP Global Summit. Very fun to be here! 

Happy Birthday @Lana O'Brien. What a great week to have a birthday Smiley Happy

Hey team! Jumping in to say hi and speak all things community, training, social. You know ALL THE THINGS.

WOW! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Hi from Brighton, UK