Saving as PDF destroys formatting in Word (Round 2)

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All my efforts in formatting my resume, or school work are wasted because whenever I try to save my documents as a PDF, the formatting appears different and destroyed. There are so many inconsistencies between my documents and how others view it on their computer screens. I use Microsoft's 365 subscription.


I saw my resume from my bosses computer... It looks horrible. When my school work was graded and returned to me... teachers notes indicated messy formatting and a lack of effort despite the content. This problem ruining my goals as a writer, and as a good student.


The article I linked below is about the same issue from 2018 posted by other frustrated individuals. Microsoft told me to speak to an expert through this page by posting my problem as a discussion after support was unable to assist me.

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Can you upload a copy of the Word document and the PDF document so that we can see the issue and perhaps provide you with a way to avoid the problem.

Sure, do you know how I can upload documents to this post?

@bodhiw If you click on the Open full text editor link



You will then see the following screen that has facilities for dragging and dropping or browsing for a file that you want to attach.