WufB - Deadline and Grace Period

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Hello all - Am getting conflicting answers with the test so far it has been performed. Let's say i have a Intune Update Ring configured for Feature update as follows

Automatic update behavior --> Reset to Default
Change notification update level --> Use the default Windows Update notifications
Deadline for feature updates --> 4
Grace period --> 0
Auto reboot before deadline --> No
We deploy these on Wednesday morning to the devices and could see that the policy are getting updated on the client PC (through registry). The expectations is (if device is connected to power and no user logged in) on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning it should download and start and wait for Restart pending. so when the user logs on Thursday morning (9AM) he should see the notification for the restart. The user ignores it. So as per my deadline and grace period, on Saturday morning the device should do the force reboot
But what we are seeing is, for some users on Thursday night (11:30 PM), the device are getting restarted and upgraded. For some it is happening on Friday morning. So there is no consistent. So my question is once the device is at the restart pending state and we have a grace period set as 0 does that mean it will not wait even though it is Thursday or Friday it would just go ahead and restart? Is that correct behavior?
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Hi! I'd recommend checking out our compliance deadline docs: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/update/wufb-compliancedeadlines

Grace period is the number of days from pending restart to forced update update. In this case, you have a 0 day grace period.