Windows office hours are closed: October 21, 2021

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Office hours are closed for today. We'll be back here on Thursday, November 18th. Hope to see you then! For an up-to-date list of future events, see the Windows IT Pro Blog.


Here is a list of who was in the virtual office today:


If you have an issue or question you'd prefer not to discuss publicly, simply click on the name of the person you'd like to speak with, then select Message in the top-right corner to send a direct message.




Note: Office hours are here to help you work through and plan for servicing, deployment, and device management for currently supported versions of the Windows operating system. We cannot comment on, or provide support for, releases and features that have not yet reached public preview or have gone out of support (although we are always happy to help get you to a supported version!).


See you next time!


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@Heather Poulsen  Hello Heather.  My use of computers is not a good one. I have been hacked by my ex abusing IT engineer.  There is not privacy whatsoever and he send my mails to save,  for himself!   I have had this problem since August 2009!   I can't get into my C:  Any searches that I do are refused and it System 32, which won't let me delete it remains.  It appears it was put on when Trusted Installer was for both system 32 and 64.

Not only do I not have privacy for myself and family but now, at 73yrs am doing an Honours Degree in Psychology.  I dread using the computer which shouldn't be the case.

The Police are useless. The extent of their knowledge was to change my password which of course is useless and was changing my email address.  

I would appreciate someone getting rid of this menace as he often runs a developer tool to analyse what I type.  Sad man.   Thank you in advance.  Regards,  Christine B-R.



I think I have a solution for you that will ensure security on your computers again!

On any computer you can reinstall Windows , but this will delete everything and your private files will also be deleted and you need to reinstall the applications , but then you get complete security - because the old system you do not trust - will be formatted and you will be installed a new secure Windows!

Best regards

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