Microsoft X Studio shall add English support

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Using Microsoft X Studio recently, I have reported several deficiencies. Here are some fixings to be applied.

  1. English and other lingual support beside Chinese
    1. As a flagship company of the United States. this is a stigma of Microsoft.
    2. Fifty-eight virtual singers are existent, only supporting Mandarin Chinese, without one for English. Then comes Zo for English and Rinna for Japanese.
  1. Phonetic input with bare sequence of ASCII characters besides '-', which is mainstream in a majority of vocal synthesizers e.g. Vocaloid, UTAU, Synthesizer V and DeepVocal.
  2. Non-commercial redistribution of official virtual singers' images in any purpose.
  3. yin and ying to be added explicitly into the List of Effective Pronunciation.
  4. Registry using the universal Microsoft Account.
  5. Scripting with popular C/C++, with capabilities as follow:
    1. Read, add, edit and remove notes/groups/parameters/tracks;
    2. Access and modify the current selection (of notes and groups);
    3. Navigate across the project (e.g. scroll and zoom onto a certain range);
    4. Control the playback/reverberation;
    5. Interact with the user via customizable dialogs;
    6. Run in the background for as long as possible;
    7. Crete various sound effects.
  6. Global serving, as Microsoft Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


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