How to push updates to users as soon as possible

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In my company,we use sccm to push updates to clients. The last update day is June nineth ,but our sccm got update packs on June sixteenth ,how to get to packs as soon as possible?

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Please read this.
You can select devices to test, but this is an administrator's decision

@MGomez33 - For Configuration Manager, see  Manually deploy software updates. For the best way to expedite updates (when needed), see Expedite Windows 10 quality updates in Microsoft Intune.

thank you ,it helps a lot. i have adjusted client update configrations in sccm .But,how to configure sccm's update plan to pull packs from Microsoft?

thanks,there is another problem,after updates,our clients' desk added a new feature "news and interest" how to turn it off through sccm @Andrzej1
Since this is the new edge feature, start a discussion there - in the enterprise it can interfere!