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In a large environment (100k devices), when connecting desktop analytics with configmgr, is the target collection supposed to be a portion (less than 20%) of the environment? Asking because when you do, you get a warning about the global pilot not being over 20% of the total devices.  So, is desktop analytics supposed to be used for only a fraction of the environment??  My thoughts were that you add the entire fleet and you also add child collections of the target collection and use those (or a group of those) as your deployment plans... (which include the Pilot phase btw). 

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@Karim Slaoui Dune here from the Microsoft Endpoint Manager team.


The idea IS that you do what you described where the target collection includes your entire fleet, then sub-collections can be used for deployment plans. 


I think the issue here is just confusing wording on the error unfortunately. DA is throwing this error because it thinks that your pilot group is not representative due to under-representation.

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