Windows Server Insider Preview Build or Windows 10???

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Hi folks,


Going to apologize up front as I know this is going to be a very basic question, but I'm a complete newbie with Win Server Insider Preview builds so want to make sure I'm taking the correct steps.  I have a Windows Server 2016 that I am interested in installing the latest Windows Server Insider Preview build on (Build 18298).  I'm a little confused as when I launched the executable to install, the Setup Wizard reads Windows Server 2019 Setup in the upper left corner, and within the same window it reads Install Windows 10 (screenshot attached).


I just want to confirm - this is going to install Win Server 2019 on my server and not revert to Windows 10, correct?  Again, sorry if this is a foolish question, but I'm a complete newbie and need to make sure what I'm doing.  Thank you!!

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Yes, this will install Server. Client and Server share code so early in the cycle you may see some weirdness like this.

Thank you, Mary.  I appreciate the reply.  Me being the newbie that I am, I wasn't aware that Server Core had no GUI.  :)   So now I'm researching how to approach that.  AAAHHHH!!!!

A million thanks, Mary.   :)

By the way, thanks for reporting this. Apparently this was due to a recent change in setup that had some unintended consequences. We've opened a bug to address the issue.