Why should i use VPN on windows server?

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I am looking for the reasons for using VPN on windows server.

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by using VPN on server, do you mean setting up a VPN server on Windows server or just connect your Windows server as a client to another VPN server?

there are a lot of reasons why people use VPNs,
here is an example:

let me know if you want more specific VPN use cases

@HotCakeX Hello,

I want to connect windows server as a client to another VPN server.

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if you have Windows server GUI, you can do it from the Settings


this is on Windows server 2019


Annotation 2019-10-09 170333.png


This will also help you create a .pbk dial up connection file which is easier to move/distribute to other machines.


if your VPN server is a non-Microsoft one such as OpenVPN, Kerio VPN etc, you'll need to download the correct client for them.

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