Connection issues with NetKVM + Windows Server 2022 combination

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Looks that something have changed on Windows Server 2022 (preview build 20344) comparing to Windows Server 2019 (version 1809) because NetKVM driver does not works correctly on it.


I already reported this with more details to driver repository on but I wanted to also report it here in-case other see weird issues with those KVM/QEMU based platforms.


PS. As Microsoft and Red Hat are on close co-operation it would be nice to see that VirtIO/NetKVM drivers to be included to Windows media and be upgraded through Windows Updates.



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In case you have access to a Windows 10 PC, you may open the Feedback Hub app and select the Windows Server and report this issue there too.

Unfortunately feedback hub requires that Windows 10 is allowed to collect diagnostic data which is disabled from our company laptops.


Anyway, looks that someone from Nutanix was able to reproduce problem and provide workaround on GitHub so I assume that they will be able to fix it also.

This forum is being monitored by the Windows Server team but sending feedback would be a good option too. In this case let's wait for the fix.