Apologies if this is a duplicate. Build 17738 RDP very slow keyboard input

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I thought I successfully posted this earlier but I do not see it showing up so my apologies if this is a duplicate.


Server build 17738 Datacenter with HyperV and one W10 guest vm

RDP connection from W10 workstation to 17738 Host, then HyperV console login to guest vm.

In 17738 and previous builds, after new install of guest vm, login from HyperV console is extremely slow (may never accept the credentials completely). You can observer keystrokes slowly being accepted over many seconds.


I cannot be sure, but I think RDP to the host OS is required for this problem. I believe I once connected to the host OS via IPMI and then HyperV console to the guest vm and did not experience the keyboard input problem.





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forgot to mention the install of 17738 Datacenter is on Supermicro baremetal.