Windows Cannot find Microsoft software license terms - During Server 2016 install

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I am getting the following error when trying to install Server 2016 Standard. Any idea of the fix?


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@Dave Patrick Thanks! I simply...


1) Powered off my VM in Fusion

2) Unchecked "Connect Floppy" in the VM settings

3) Powered VM back on and continued installation successfully

@Nigel Goodchild  Remove the floppy disks will be the solution. windows server 2016 evaluation. installing started now at 44% Thank you

Glad to hear, please vote it up.



@Dave Patrick For some reason this way does not give me the GUI desktop as an option.  It goes straight to installing the OS.

Sounds like problematic installation media. The TechNet evaluation media

should produce;






My apology, I could not find for Server 2019 evaluation so I found your article for 2016.  I am having the issue with 2019.  If I create my vm without the OS them my only option is the non GUI. If I create the vm loading the ISO I do get the screen you talk about but once I select, for example the desktop standard I get...


@tskirish wrote:

My apology, I could not find for Server 2019 evaluation

Server 2019 evaluation can be downloaded here.




@Dave Patrick Dave, I dowloaded it from this location already.  The issues I am having I described previously.

I have not seen this new issue. You may have to raise this with VMWare to see if they know why it happens.



@David Molnar 


The install looks at the floppy drive for some reason.


In the upper right corner of the VM there is a floppy drive icon...


right click on the floppy drive icon and select "disconnect". Windows installer will now find the licensing file.

I had the same issue but no virtual floppy.    Worked around it by closing and opening the DVD drive.    Install then asked me to accept the license


@David Molnar 

None of the above worked for me. After removing floppy it showed me other errors.

Finally, I chose custom setup in VMware (create new virtual machine wizard) and chose BIOS instead of UEFI. It worked for me.

@Nigel Goodchild  This method absolutely worked for me, trying to play around with server 2019, the installation was frustrating me with the message it kept coming up with just like yours did, deleted the floppy disk and wow, in minutes server 2019 was installed in Vmware, thank you for the share 

@Dave Patrick 


Hi there, I've gone through the steps but on the last step the pop up options are grayed out for me. I cannot click on; "Simply click on Change CD/DVD Settings to select your ISO media then Restart VM."


Any advice on how to resolve this?