Server 2019 Essentials has locked me out

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I performed a clean install of Server 2019 Essentials and all went well - to a point.

The machine has a fixed IP address of on the network and the DNS was pointed to the router at

The installation finished (aborted?) without running any wizards or creating any shortcuts on the desktop.  I guess that is one of the "improvements" in 2019 Essentials?

That's OK.  I wasn't a fan of the Wizards in 2016 anyway.

I located Server Manager in Windows\System32.  I was able to add the A/D and DNS roles and create a new forest name NWC.local.  

I logged in as NWC\Administrator, located AD Users & Computers, added an Admin user, and rebooted, So far, so good.


I logged in as NWC\Admin.

My problems began when I renamed the machine from WIN-DTF36XN8LLS to NWC-DC1 and rebooted.

Now, when I try to log in as NWC\Administrator or NWC\Admin, I get "The security database of the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship."

If I try to log in as WIN-DTF36XN8LLS\Administrator or WIN-DTF36XN8LLS\Admin, I get "An attempt was made to logon, but the network logon service was not started."

If I try to log in as any other user name, I get "The user name or password is incorrect.  Try again."

All this is happening at the console of the server.  I have not yet tried to network any workstations.


What went wrong?

How am I going to get logged back into this computer?


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Hi @WileyWon ,

I would try to get the Password via Linux

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The issue I'm facing is not about passwords. I know the passwords.
This problem is about the lack of a computer object in AD.
Can Linux create a computer object and establish a trust relationship at the local console?