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I want to ask why the option to install the update I want has been removed, it's very bad to install "all or nothing" in Server 2016/2019.

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The monthly (quality) updates are now cumulative.

Monthly updates in previous Windows versions were often overwhelming because of the sheer number of updates available each month. Many organizations selectively chose which updates they wanted to install and which they didn’t, and this created countless scenarios in which organizations deployed essential security updates but picked only a subset of non-security fixes.

In Windows 10, rather than receiving several updates each month and trying to figure out which the organization needs, which ultimately causes platform fragmentation, administrators will see one cumulative monthly update that supersedes the previous month’s update, containing both security and non-security fixes. This approach makes patching simpler 

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... I want to ask why I can't choose the updates I want to install for example as in Server 2012R2, because for example on Exchange server I want to install Exchange SU (sec update) first and then all the others and in the order as I want

You posted in windows server so that's what my reply was based on. For exchange issues I'd suggest asking in dedicated forums here.

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just my question is about selecting an update on Windows Server, I don't care what the update is about

You're free to skip them for a while if you like, then when you want to patch again you install the latest SSU followed by the latest cumulative update and you're caught up again without worry of interdependencies and or order.

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Something here might help.

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I'd suggest starting a case here with product support.

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