Redundant File Share for SQL Server Failover Instance Installation / Redundant Cluster Shared Volume

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Setup :


Server 1(S1)

Server 2(S2)

Domain Controller 1(DC1)

Domain Controller 2(DC2)


All are Windows Server 2019.

S1 and S2 are in a Cluster.


I have installed SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance on Server 1 and give a Share of DC1 as the path of root directory of installation. Then add a node(i.e. S2) to the failover cluster instance.


Now I want to make the replication of Share of DC1 in DC2, So that if DC1 fails DC2 take care of SQL Instance.


Basically I want redundant Cluster Shared Volume. So that if one fails other take care of database/Instance.


Please tell me whether it is possible or not. If yes, Then How?

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