RDS 2019 limit resources

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hello together

I've been looking for a solution for months.
How can I limit the resource on a RDS 2019 e.g. CPU and Memory?

If a user logs in and runs a stress test, he takes all resources from the server, how can I limit this?

Windows Server 2008 R2 had a feature "windows system resources manager" there you could limit it.

I don't know why the feature was removed from RDS 2019. Is there an alternative? There must be an alternative... I wonder how the current RDS that are in operation will be managed with the new version.


Thanks for your support


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Currently, There is not a way to do this in an RDSH. If you setup an RDVH server or VDI deployment, you can limit the RAM and CPU and IOPs directly from the HyperV console. With RDSH (session hosts) you cannot do this with any built in tool, You would have to install a third party tool to accomplish this task. Here is what I have found that may work. Processlasso is the application. Here is the link and cost. https://bitsum.com/get-process-lasso-server-edition/