Losing iSCSI conenctions to EqualLogic SAN

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We have a windows 2008 R2 with SQL. We configure 4 NICs connecting to target/SAN. We have some problems to access the SQL database recently. After reviewing both SAN Management console and iSCSI, we find there are only two connections show on iSCSI and SAN. Whenever we add other two connections, they are disappeared in a few seconds on both iSCSI and SAN. There are no errors in the Event Viewer and SAN log.


EqualLogic tech support says this is Microsoft issue. Also the server log event ID 16: \Device\MPIOdisk2 is currently in a degraded state. Any suggestions?


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More details. It has been working for many years. Just recently, the server starts having the problem. No major hardware and software changed except windows update.

In the iSCSI Discovery, we have this settings.



in EqualLogic SAN, we allow all 4 connections. 



Whenever we add 2 more sessions in Volume Properties, they stay there for a few seconds and then disappear. SAN also show the new sessions for a few seconds and then disappear.



What could be the problem?



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