Hyper V Duplicates recovery points

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We have a HyperV host in a Windows Server 2016 STD with 3 VM Servers

  1. Domain Controller (Windows Server 2019)
  2. APP Server (Windows Server 2019)
  3. DB Server (Sequel) (Windows Server 2016)

The host have 4 TB GB HHD

128 GB RAM

2 Processors 2.20GHz

We used Veeam backup tool for backups.

Suddenly with every backup run, HyperV creates a Veeam recovery Checkpoint.

The free disk space of the disk is shrinking considerably.

We also noticed that when every Veeam recovery point is created it creates a duplicate of the AVHDX, MRT and RCT files in the Virtual Hard Disks folder.

I disabled the Veeam backup jobs  until it can be fixed, because if we get out of disk space the VM Servers will not startup.

NOTE: This are the production Servers and no other environment for test exists.


Hope you can help me thorough this issue.

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