Honolulu manage all roles and features?

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Hi! I'm Germano from Brazil.
I work in a company that don't use clustering yet. In this case I don't see much advantagens in use Honolulu to manage all my servers with Windows Server 2016. But I thinked: If Honolulu could manage all roles and features as the same centralized way Honolulu does with other MMCs? It would be great! For example: Manage all my AD DC untrusted domains, as the same way I do with Active DIrectory Users and Computers and with Group Policy Management, but in a centralized way. I manage many untrusted domains every day, accessing many diferent servers.


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We can't tackle them all at the same time, so that's why we need your input on UserVoice to help us prioritize which ones to add first: https://aka.ms/HonoluluFeedback