When will WS2022 GA?

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Do we have a firm ETA?

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We just announced that Windows Server 2022 hit RTM yesterday! WOOT! See the blog here: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2021/06/01/windows-server-2022-is-now-in-preview-on-t... With RTM the ecosystem is spinning up, with OEM's beginning logo submissions and getting ready for launch. GA will by by end of year, it's just around the corners (we publicly disclosed GA would be in 2nd half of CY21)
Is the name changing from Windows Server to Microsoft Server in addition to this? In the latest updates it show the removal of the Windows Server name
The branding for the next LTSC of server later this year will be “Windows Server 2022”

There is some UI which is shared across multiple server products, such as Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI. We have generalized some of that UI to “Microsoft Server OS”. No broader assumptions should be made, it’s simply trying to avoid customers of any of those products from being confused by using generic server references in shared code.