Hotpatch or equivalent for on-prem servers

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The hotpatch feature for Azure is great but on-prem servers are long overdue for a replacement or new method of patching that isn't WSUS or WSUS managed by Endpoint Manager.


We limit our product sync and every month the server chokes for hours trying to synchronize the WSUS database after updates are released. Help me not have to stay up to 10 PM trying to simply release patches.

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We have an answer for this coming soon, but I can't say more yet.
You keep teasing me :)!
So, for those working to upgrade an existing WSUS environment, is it worth holding off until your "coming soon" announcement is made?
The news won't necessarily change where you get patches from, if that's the question.
I'm thinking more along the lines of do we spend time now getting a new 2019 WSUS environment built for on-prem or do we need to wait until your announcement comes? Is the new product so much more advanced and/or so much different we shouldn't waste time building a new WSUS on 2019?