Has there been any significant development / bugfixes around classic roles in 2022?

We know Azure is getting all the love, but has there been any significant / any improvement or development work at all for classic, core roles like AD DS/ADCS, Fileserver/DNS/dhcp etc? It would seem to me that since 2016 nothing has significantly changed with that regards. If you compare a gap of major release, like 2008 to 2012 - its so much different - whereas in most cases - 2016-2022 versions are quite alike in terms of feature parity. It kind of looks like life support, not an active development :(

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Yes, please check out this session from Ignite which gives an overview of the enhancements in WS2022 https://myignite.microsoft.com/sessions/8c615c6a-64ef-4c40-8ede-7eed49bc92bc?source=sessions

For WS2016 / WS2019, most of the dev team focus / innovation was around HCI features and capabilities (Software-defined Storage / Networking / Compute). In the WS2012 / WS2012 R2 era innovation was primarily focused on virtualization, and catching up to VMware.
Howdy. I'll be writing & speaking about the new WS2022 file server features all month - SMB compression, SMB AES-256 encryption, SMB RDMA encryption, GMAC-accelerated signing, SMS NetApp migration - plus a very big file server feature surprise coming soon.