Classic server roles need your love as well


During the last two releases of Windows Server (2019 and 2022) you put your effort mostly in virtualization technologies (specifically S2D, containers and so on) and hybrid solutions. But other, "legacy" roles (DHCP, DNS, RDS, WDS, RRAS, WSUS, IIS) also need your love. When will they get refresh, new features, long-needed bugfixes etc.?

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Howdy. I'll be writing & speaking about the new WS2022 file server features all month - SMB compression, SMB AES-256 encryption, SMB RDMA encryption, GMAC-accelerated signing, SMS NetApp migration - plus a very big file server feature surprise coming soon. That is the most used role in Windows Server and definitely a classic :D
I agree with you Ned that FS in an important WS feature and indeed the most used one - I am glad to see it getting all these updates. But all other features need upgrades as well, at least in terms of management, in my opinion.
No argument. I can only AMA for the stuff I know though :D. I'll see about getting some other answers here from these other groups and having them respond in the next few days.
Ned, This is the transparency we need. We need Microsoft to more rah rah around Windows Server. If I remember correctly sales grew almost 10% in the last quarter, so it is a huge seller still.