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Microsoft Dockingstation USB-C Travel Hub loosing Ethernet connectivity on W10 1909

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Hi all


For our customers we are constantly testing useful accessories. Recently we tested the Microsoft Dockingstation USB-C Travel Hub. It's a stylish and cool device, yet we have a major issue on several HP computers: anytime between 2 and 8 minutes after plugging it in into the Thunderbolt port, the Ethernet connection drops - the operating system does not even see the NIC anymore and the "Surface Ethernet Adapter" is show as disconnected in Device Manager (View > Show hidden devices).

We were able to reproduce the problem with multiple HP devices having a Thunderbolt port. Other peripherals attached to the Travel Hub (like headphones on the USB-A port) continue to function.


We tested with W10 1909 (Build 1198) 64-bit edition, and have manually updated the Surface Ethernet Adapter Driver to the newest version available from the Update Catalog ( We were unable to find useful information in Event Viewer, or any other place.


Does anyone in the tech community have some hints on further troubleshooting or ruling out a generic Windows issue with Thunderbolt?


Thanks for reading!

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In my company we are using HP laptops + HP thunderbolt / USB-C docks and are also experiencing sporadic issues since the beginning. 


We started with the dock's vendor - updated dock-firmware, updated dock-drivers on our devices. 

Then Thunderbolt and UEFI/BIOS firmware update on the laptops.


This solved most of the issues, but some annoying issues still remained, were the users need to re-plugin the dock.