Office hours: managing Windows devices & updates

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To support your efforts to deliver and deploy updates to the Windows devices being used by remote, onsite, and hybrid workers across your organization, and manage those devices effectively, we are continuing our series of weekly "office hours" for IT professionals here on Tech Community.

During office hours, we will have a broad group of product experts, servicing experts, and engineers representing Windows, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Microsoft Intune, Configuration Manager), security, FastTrack, and more. They will be monitoring the Windows servicing space and standing by to provide guidance, discuss strategies and tactics, and, of course, answer any specific questions you may have.

Next event:  Thursday, May 19th - 8:00-9:00 a.m. Pacific Time - ADD TO CALENDAR

How do office hours work?

Simply visit the Windows servicing community and click Start a New Discussion. At the start of office hours, we'll pin a post outlining the individuals on hand, and their areas of expertise.

Have an issue or question you'd prefer not to discuss publicly? No problem. Simply click on the name of the person you'd like to speak with, then select Message in the top-right corner to send a direct message.


Can’t attend at the designated time? Again, no problem. Post a question in the Windows servicing community up to 48 hours in advance and add the "Office Hours" label. We'll make sure we review it during office hours.

How do I participate?

Office hours are text-based; there is no audio or virtual meeting component. To post a question, you just need to be a member of the Tech Community. If you haven’t already signed up, click Sign In in the top right corner of this site to join the Tech Community today.

Where can I find out about the next office hours event?

We'll continue to host Windows Office Hours every third Thursday. Bookmark this post (or for the latest dates. We look forward to answering your questions!

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I AM NOT ABLE TO UPGRADE TO  VERSION 2004 AND VERSION 20H2.  I have been trying for months. When I do a manual upgrade it tells me that my system is up to date.  That couldn't be true because I'm still running version 1909. The message is always:


"The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is on its way. Once it’s ready for your device, you’ll see the update available on this page."


I have been trying for about a year with no success. How can I get the current version 20H2?

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same problem here.

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Update the BIOS through SCCM

Can we get a much easier tool to help diagnose why a machine has a block to it?

We still have people with conexant audio waiting for an official fix that doesn't include "install it, let it fail and try again".

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My laptop (Yoga C740-14IML) is listed as being compatible with the new Windows 10, version 2004 in this website: Lenovo devices tested for Windows 10 20H2 - Lenovo Support SC, however, I am still not able to update my windows. When I "check for updates", it tells me that I am up to date, yet for the past two days I have been receiving a notification in my taskbar that says 'Your version of Windows 10 will reach end of service soon. Click to download a newer version of Windows 10 to stay supported.' When I clicked it, I still do not have the option to download the new Windows 10. Please advise me on what I can do. 

Thank you.

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Hola, estoy teniendo problemas para bajar la version gratuita de Window 10. No se si debe a la compatibilidad de mi Laptop con dicho programa. Mi equipo es una Laptop Dell con un procesador Intel Core i3-2330M, con una memoria de 6.00 GB, Sistema Operativo de 64 bit. Que me recomienda?

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I can't download the free window 10 program version. I have a a Intel Core i3-2330M Processor with a 6.00 Memory and 64 bit Operating System. Could be problems with my computer compatibility? Anyone who can help me with this issue please.

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If my All in one Asus computer is not compatible with the windows 11 update, is there outside software or even hardware I can purchase to bring my desktop up date with all the system requirements? 

Will the 21H2 update be the last major iteration of Win10? In other words, after 21H2, are the next updates only minor patching? Trying to plan out enterprise level roadmaps for moving to Win 11. Can you please confirm?


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I got the message that Windows 11 is available; I have updated it on the work laptop but I cannot do so on the personal laptop.  The issue is that I need about 60GB of memory freely available on the same drive that Windows is currently using; I currently have 16GB freely available.  This C: Drive is partitioned and has an additional 103GB and I have another hard drive on my computer with over 560GB of free memory.


Do you know how to either (1) remove the partition that came with the computer or (2) move the Windows 11 Update to the other hard drive?

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can you add windows22?

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