Windows Insider: Beta Channel (Discounted/Free 11 Home to 11 Pro)

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Hey Everyone, 


I'm not sure I'm in the correct place. I've never posted on here before. I'm on Windows 11 Home Edition through the beta channel. I was wondering if anyone knows a way to move from 11 Home Edition to 11 Pro Edition (or is there another better suited?).

I am a student. Majoring in software development. I have interests in joining the developer program here, I'm just a bit nervous it's too advanced for me. I would really like to access the features that are available on other versions of Windows. I was able to enable Hyper-V. But I would like to have access to the sandbox (Not sure if that's even available on the PRO edition), screencasting. I can sometimes cast a youtube and some other things, but not just screencast my full desktop, for example) and Bitlocker. My device is definitely capable. I checked and the status of my TPM, it says Status: Ready to use.

I have 32gb RAM and 1tb SSD (also a couple external HDD/SSD)


Anyways, I can't afford to pay for the pro version. I was wondering what the absolute cheapest way to get it would be. Or if there are work arounds like there is for enabling Hyper-V.


Thank You,


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