Windows 11 multi monitor taskbar not working properly


The Windows 11 multi monitor taskbar is not working properly. The taskbar is visible on the secondary monitors but seems to have little functionality or is "broken". Tested this on multiple systems.

If using: "When using multiple displays, show my taskbar apps on" has no effect with any setting.

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This is just a preview version. So this kind of issue will always be present. It probably might just be a bug and will get fixed in future builds. This is the reason they are testing the build before releasing it to everyone. So don't worry :)
I am using window 11 build 22000.51 with two displays, using second display for extended screen. When i choose to show taskbar on multiple screen, taskbar showing on primary screen, but on second screen, a section appears in bottom but no icons are showing. To overcome this issue i used third party software "object dock", while using this software, make taskbar show only on first screen, so that bottom portion of second screen not waste.
I am not doing any promotion, i just want to give temporary solution to those guys who want to use window 11 (not want to go back to window 10) but facing this issue. I have search alot to find this temporary solution. If it help, give a like.
I am facing the same trouble.

Can confirm I'm also facing this problem.

Also, I am not able to move my taskbar to the top and there is no option for "small" icon size. Quite annoying.
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This is a "known" issue with the release. It's noted on the release notes.

Announcing the first Insider Preview for Windows 11 | Windows Insider Blog (near the bottom of the page).

Bro, you are right, it is mentioned in "Issues" section in blog in bottom. Thanks for sharing it.

@PeteGomersall yeah, same here. though as some others have said, most likely will be changed in the coming months, maybe even weeks considering how small of a change it is.


what I'm thinking is happening, horribly over-simplified, is that the space for the taskbar is loading perfectly fine, and the translucency effect for it is also loading, but the taskbar itself along with everything else it has is failing to render.


while we're on the topic of taskbar goofs can we also bring back the task manager in the taskbar? cus right now all I'm getting when I rightclick it is taskbar settings. one time I tried opening task view and it crashed the taskbar, but that could be a bug with my computer


yeah, win11 has a decent amount of bugs so far with the taskbar, hopefully they're fixed

@Triangulum598If you right click the start icon you can access task manager from there. Since I am rolling with the centered icons that's perfect because that's the muscle memory that I had from right clicking in windows 10. The Multiple monitor task bar thing is a minor annoyance at the moment but will get use to it quick till they fix it. No rush, would rather them get it done right the first go around.

Just wanted to add that I am having the same issue the taskbar shows on the 2nd monitor but nothing appears on it.

I've just updated my windows to win 11 and the first thing I hated was to not be able to move the task bar to the right ou top or left like we did all this time with previous windows versions. Seriously? Will that be removed? If so, I'll come back to win10.


I use 3 monitors, and only the main monitor keep the icons, the 2 others has nothing on them, not even the date and time, it is pretty annoying this, I hope MS adjust it.



I ask everyone to give feedback - I will do it too, for me the taskbar must be hidden and of course only at the top of the screen!

Thank you for this, you have to report it - and the team must respond - to the comments in kind!

Greetings to all and thank you .

@PeteGomersall I also faced the same. Tried all the way but taskbar icons only show on default monitor and the built in options are not functioning

Facing the same issue

Same issue on my end. @PeteGomersall 

I have the same problem!

@PeteGomersall Also have the same issue, works at first seems to break after some time passes.

I using 4 monitors with multiple apps running on all monitors.  Would also like to get the flashing back on the taskbar when a program updates...


You can turn off the taskbar on other displays in settings. No need for a third party app just for that.