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I have noticed what appears to be an abandonment of the feedback hub from Microsoft Development's side.  I have submitted several items/problems/suggestions over the last year, and have yet to get any response at all.  In addition, browsing other feedback reveals a similar pattern with all feedback posted.  Has MS abandoned Feedback Hub?  Is it depreciated, or is it simply a matter of lack of resources? I can understand have a massive backlog, looming deadlines, and the lack of need in finding more to add to the workload.  However, if we are to continue to be active members in a testing community, we need to know where and how to provide feedback.  It behooves us and MS to understand the most effective and productive ways to communicate.

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How long it has been since you submitted the first feedback?

Due to high number of feedbacks, Windows team won't be able to response to every single feedback but they will review all and take them into consideration. There is also priority in solving issues like if there is an critical issues causing Windows fail to boot , they will fix it first.


@Reza_Ameri-ArchivedThat does make sense, as well as I fully understand the realities of this particular very unique year we are still dealing with.  It will take quite awhile for things to ... normalize? ... if they ever do.  None of my issues were mission critical at all.  I was mainly curious if even these kind of '"nit-picky" issues are being seen.  I don't have to get responses, but it is comforting to know Feedback Hub is still a viable and active tool. I will keep on hunting!


What I could tell you for sure is Windows team will review every single feedback and idea and there are cases where they merge them. But for sure your feedbacks will be reviewed and Windows team will take it into account.

Please send all necessary feedbacks and it will help Window teams to make Windows better.

Vote is also important, so in case you share a feedback, ask around to vote for it and feedback with more vote with gets more attentions.