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Not getting new builds: Check Windows Update for a newer and more secure build

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I thought I was on the Release Preview channel, but the latest build I got was 22000.708. If I go to Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program, I get a heading with a red cicle and white X, saying "Check Windows Update for a newer and more secure build". There is no information on what build I'm running or which channel I'm in. The only option I have is "Stop getting preview builds"





Windows update says I'm up to date. 


How can I 1) Get the latest version for my channel and/or 2) Change my setting from Release Preview to Beta? 




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@Andrzej1 Was hoping there would be a less destructive option...


My machine seems to think it's on an insider build, I just want it to update to the latest. 


So take your time and wait.
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@Andrzej1 Well, it clearly looks like something is broken since my Insider settings say I should check Windows Update for a newer build, and Windows Update claim I'm all sorted and updated. Don't think waiting for a new build to magically appear will help. 

@Glenn F. Henriksen 

It seems that waiting is a good idea in the RP channel. Your version is up to date and notifications are not always correct


Flight Hub - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

@Glenn F. Henriksen Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm facing the same issue