core insulation driver incompatible

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I am not able to activate the Core Isolation by Windows security, it accuses the driver ftdibus.sys as incompatible and asks for it to be resolved before proceeding.
I am not able to solve it following this topic or in other ways.

I participate in the DEV channel Insider.
Build 21359 co_release .210409-1536

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that driver is 3rd party, most likely belonging to FTDI Ltd company.
check your installed software and drivers, find the driver or software installed on your computer and remove it.
Hello. I have the same thing! Will there be an error if I do not delete, because a lot to browse devices - how do you advise what to do?
if you don't remove the incompatible driver, then you won't be able to use memory integrity.

Now I checked some of the computers on some is fine, and on the other shows the old Intel driver, which is not traceable. I do not think that memory integrity does not work = nothing indicates this except information that takes into account the old registry to a file that does not exist - History update drivers it also does not show! I leave so and do not want me to worry about this: !ądzenia-w-aplikacji-zabezpieczenia-windows-af...

I would add that very often notifications do not-confirm the actual state of security processes, which creates more layers without showing all running processes, it also causes unnecessary anxiety - that there is a vulnerability, and the state of the processes is valid!

If that's the case then search in your computer for the problematic file that WD is mentioning, sometimes it's a DLL file, or INF etc. and delete it, then check for incompatible drivers again in memory integrity.
Thank you. It's a pity my time for such fun! As someone has 1 device then let him look and check - as I remember Microsoft updated the integrity of the kernel system and everything OK! But thank you very much for your help this is valuable to me - Thank you!
Sure, you're welcome :)
I had a problem with one of my drivers too, was a software driver for my mouse, uninstalled the software but one single DLL file was left behind, after deleting it manually and restarting, memory integrity let me turn it on.
I certainly would have done so, but this is an Intel driver trusted provider, so I leave the subject - but actually an unknown DLL file requires intervention and it is as correct and advisable as possible to remove it!
Yup, drivers can be signed and trusted, just not compatible with memory integrity :)
Perfectly, I think that in such a situation in Windows 10 is 40% of computers, but that does not mean that users have to manually search and delete, because it would be excessive concern and unjustified - because most susceptibility lies in introducing elevated permissions for unauthorized objects!
That's why it's off by default. it's best to turn it on when you install Windows fresh with no 3rd party software/driver.
This discussion will be able to reassure many users, because so much experience and knowledge that you represent in this forum - presents objectively this important issue! Thank you Andrew
Anytime ^^