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I never remember that there is the Clipboard History option... seriously, this feature that is very useful just disappears from my mind, I think maybe it is because I have to use the command "Win Logo key + V", and there are already so many hotkeys and so many other things in life that I need to remember, that it is easy to forget something that apparently can be simple to remember by some. To make matters worse, my memory is no longer as good as when I was younger.
I believe that many users, but many same ones, fit the same profile as me: they do not use a feature because it is difficult to remember it, or even worse, they do not even know that the feature exists because it is very hidden. Not everyone is an expert on Windows like the members of this forum.
So I suggest that the Clipboard History feature is more visible, appearing on the taskbar. And like the rest of the taskbar icons, it can be hidden or displayed on the taskbar.

And I also think that the background should combine more with the light or dark themes of Windows, I'm using the dark theme and I think this gray background looks horrible, it would be much more beautiful if it were darker.

I'm going to take a vacation. See you in a few weeks!

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why do u keep deleting and then making a new account



Hi Violet

I like to take a break from the forum from time to time, and then start over from scratch with a clear mind.
And I'm also a little crazy (kidding)...
Specifically this profile that I just "recreated" was just to post this idea that I had forgotten to post on Thursday, before deleting the profile to make my "sabbatical" period (lol)...
And now I'm really going to spend a month or two focusing on other matters, and then I'll be back with another nickname...

I like it that way, even if it sounds crazy

It was there since 1909 if i recall correctly
Thanks for explanation, i won't judge, i will still know who you are ;)
take care!

@Deleted  esa caracteristica de portapapeles esta muy muy bien y es muy Util... pero no es exclusiva de la version insider ... yo la tengo tambien en la version comercial de Windows 10 pro


Yeah, on insider builds it's changed, along with emoticons panel and Gif image search option



If there is any command in C# that opens Clipboard History I could create a small executable to run this and add a shortcut to it on the taskbar. I'm researching this, trying to find out about it


And thanks, you are a very nice person who helps the community here on this forum

Thanks for the kind words, you too actually :)

i believe you can call the Win + V shortcuts in your script or program, so like make it work as if the user is pressing Win + V keys on keyboard


there are some examples




Thank you very much, but the KeyDown function captures the pressed keys, so I would still have to press "Win logo + V" anyway.
There is the SendKeys.SendWait command that emulates the sending of keys being pressed directly by the code. The command ^({ESC}) which means CTRL + ESC is the equivalent of the Win logo key in C#. So, by "logic" ^({ESC} + V) it would be the equivalent of pressing "Win logo + V".
It went "almost right" lol... as you can see in the image below, in which I am asking for help on the CodeProject website...
I think that first I need to make the taskbar get the focus so that the command will work correctly... or maybe it is something completely different from what I'm trying to do hehe
Let's wait for what the community people from the CodeProject forum will suggest...



In other words, Violet, this is happening when I execute the code:





I can't believe it, I received the solution in less than 30 minutes!

[Solved] C#: how to open clipboard history from windows 10? - CodeProject










What program do you use to record videos and post here?
I want to record a video of this little software showing Clipboard History and if you want to test it I will send you a link to download it from Google Drive

Try Xbox game recorder. It is inbuilt in Windows 10. Just use Windows Key + Alt + R as a shortcut key combination to enable it and you may find your captured screen record video in This PC>Videos folder which is set as a default folder.








The video showing how the feature works can be seen here:

Download at Google Drive 



I use OBS, it's the best
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