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Can't install windows 11 Insider Preview 22610.1

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I'm on build 22593. I couldn't upgrade to build 10.0.22598.100 (error 0x80070002) later I couldn't upgrade to build 10.0.22598.200 (same error 0x80070002)

I tried to stop and delete services in the softwaredistribution folder (did not help). And I tried sfc /scannow. Windows says all files are intact. And did dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth. And I still can't install. There is an installation of 23% and later the computer reboots and writes "the change is being rolled back." I also read virtualization, you need to enable it, but I also have it enabled. Someone can help?

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I have the exact same problem and have tried everything on Google, still didn't work.

@DollzaI get error 0xc190011f but also I get a security msg saying threat detected when I start the update - Behavior:Win32/Powessere.SA 


@fedrob Yes, you're right.

My PC show security message so I disabled Windows Secirity by turn off services.

Then I update Windows success.

Can you tell me in more detail what services you turned off and what settings in Windows security

@Dollza You double click Windows Security icon at the right bottom and turn off all protection serrvices as below picture.Screenshot 2022-05-02 221525.png

@Dollza I am also getting this issue with the same build. After trying to upgrade with the ISO (which failed) I checked the logs and this error stood out to me:

DRVMIG: Failed to inject driver package in the new OS: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\cdc-acm.inf_amd64_53a164dc20d3fb67\cdc-acm.inf. Error: 0x80070002[gle=0x0000007a]

Seems the starting with build 22598, some driver incompatibilites started. We might just need to have to wait for a new build to come out with fixes.

So how long to wait? Update 2 has already been released and there is no result.

@Dollza Not sure. It might also be the computer manufacture. They still need to develop drivers for this new version. What computer do you have?

@shenlong2210I tried with it switched off and guess what... like an idiot I turned it back on before installing it big mistake , now trying installing with it still off... it's late here and I am losing the will to live , thanks Microsoft :facepalm: Will post back again today/tomorrow !!

Might not either , my PC is not supposed to be able to install 11 but that won't stop me trying but I feel that Windows security is seriously getting in the way with the roll out of 22610

@fedrobWell persevered and leaving security off it installed and is running ... why do Microsoft make it so hard for people evaluate their new builds Yes my other PCs "cannot" run W11 except my i5-2540 can run rings around the Celery (celeron) which can ... anyhow proof is here with the success of the update (with security turned off.....yes it's in a VM so I don't care about the possible threats) Nearly 70 years old and still cannot understand microsoft at times (surely I mean anytime:cool:)


My PC is i5 4590 32GB RAM with AMD Vega64 NOT enough requirement to install Windows 11 so I need a treat modify installation at begining
So I think when we update new release, they may be encounter a bug. If you meet warning virus, just Disable Security; if yuu meet BSOD just plug neccessary devices, remove other hardware and make sure storage is enough 20GB minimum.
Most people here don't have TPMs.
The skip tpm check script just updated to v9 7 hours ago.
Check it out here:

@Aaron_Liu My computer however, is fully supported by windows 11. So it can't be that (at least for me)...

This solved my problem, thanks.

@KevinKraze Intel Core I5 8400, GTX 1070. 

Alas, this is not my problem. I have tpm.
I created an issue on feedback hub for this error:
I've also filed a report:
Like I said, usually the error happens due to a false positive with windows security, causing the "driver error" that was actually windows security's live protection.