can't download Preview Builds and/or register with Window Insider Program...very confused

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 Hi there.


I just got a brand new Acer i5 machine.  Started coding bootcamp this week and I'm trying to get registered in Windows Insider Program to download the latest Preview Build so I can then download WSL.  I was very excited to do so but I get an endless spiral loop after I identify my Microsoft Account.  It's failed numerous times or just locks up all together.  Everything else works fine. It's my first time returning to Windows in 15 years and up until now I've been loving it. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Stay safe all!

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which version and build of Windows 10 are you using now? is it the latest?
you can view it by going to the setting => System => about



Hello.  Yes, I updated Windows prior to trying to join WIP. I'm running Windows 10 Version 1809 OS Build 17763.1158


Well that is more than 1 year old..the latest one is 1909 which was released 6-7 months ago


if you don't see any new updates in Windows update, after checking manually for updates, then use this link to download the installer (ISO) and run it inside OS to do an in-place upgrade, once it's done, you can join Windows insider.


Or you can download Windows insider ISO files and install them directly (I wouldn't recommend doing it over an old version of Windows 10 1809) but fresh install it, which requires formatting your C drive.

@HotCakeXyou're a genius!  That worked great.  Like a young Elvis, you rock!  And now I'll go and see if I can get Windows Subsystem for Linux installed as well.  But this had been driving me mad. I'll mention how great it is to use the forums in my coding camp class tonight.  Thanks again! 


Thank you, I'm glad to know it's fixed :)

that sounds great, would you please also mark the post that solved your issue as answer for others to find easier.

Good luck in your class! :smile:



Yes indeed I'll be happy to close this but one question first. I encountered an apparently common error message in the Windows PowerShell. I wasn't able to execute the command: 


wsl --set-version Ubuntu-18.04 2


And when I researched it seems I'm still not able to access that version of Windows that I need.  Though I'm now running Windows 10 Build 1909 (OS Build 18363.778). But I'm not sure I did everything through Windows Insider Program that I'm now eligible to do. I'm signed up on the Slow path of OS updates. It just seems that since you mentioned that MS released Build 19041.207 to the slow ring I'd have access, but maybe not? I am running Windows 10 Home so maybe that's an issue?  Either way that again for the great info! Any thoughts?

When you joined or signed up for Windows insider and chose your ring, did you install the update too? it will take few hours or day, depending on how often Windows update checks for updates, but you can instantly go to Windows update, do a manual check and let it download the insider build for you. signing up alone just enrolls you into Insider program but you still need to download and install the actual Windows insider build on your computer to have access to the features.
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