Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21313

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"Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21313 (RS_PRERELEASE) to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. This build is being offered to ALL Insiders in the Dev Channel. All Insiders in the Dev Channel will now receive the same build going forward.


NOTE: Build 21313 will not be offered to ARM64 devices due to an app compatibility issue. We hope to flight to ARM64 devices with the next flight once the issue is fixed."


More info at Windows insider blog




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@HotCakeX Hello. After the update to 21313 I have everything working in a slowed-down form. like my PC is 10 years old. I've been trying to recover from the cloud. it didn't help. Windows sounds are especially slow to reproduce.

when trying reset from cloud, did you choose to keep your file and settings?
there is a known issue for that in this build, but they said if you choose to remove files, it should work

@HotCakeX Hello. No. I didn't save anything. chose a complete disk cleanup.

Please submit a feedback about this problem in feedback hub, I'm sorry but I'm not sure what the problem is exactly, i'm not experiencing it, and since you already tried a full reset, not much left to do in my opinion, I can suggest switching to the stable Windows 10 and then go back to Dev after the next build is released
Is anyone else having problems installing this update? Gets about 20% then during one of its restarts, hangs on the windows logo with no spinning circle. Has done it about five times. I've tried deleting the download files and retrying, but to no avail.
I haven't come across this problem sorry,
I installed 21313 twice, once upgraded from 21301 to 21313 on Windows 10 pro,
and the second time was from 20H2 to Dev 21313 on Windows 10 pro workstation,
every time went well,

you can either skip this update or perform a reset/clean install
Thank you. I've not ever had to skip an update, but i will with this one. Silly question, but howdo i skip it, given Windows Update will just keep downloading it?

@GForeman you can just ignore the installation of the update. Once the new build is available, it will automatically appear in the update center. on my problem. I've moved to stable windows 10 so far

@HotCakeX it would be nice if they drop the water marl for these previews. Ideally just put it in the settings what version I am on. Its a huge nuisance! 

The version isn't really important anymore, the build number is important and that's the only thing that actually tells you which Windows 10 you are using.


Hi, after the update my second monitor became blurred.

It is in portrait mode. If I put it back to landscape mode it returns sharply as usual.

Both main and second monitors have the same font scaling (100%) but different resolutions (primary 3840x1600, secondary 1440x2560.

I'm on NVIDIA 1080Ti, with latest driver 461.40.

Having the same behavior here :sad_but_relieved_face:
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