WIndows 10 E3 CSP

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There is someone here which already deployed Windows 10 E3 over this licensing model? What are the requirements? 

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Thank you , Gowrish!
I've experienced issue to active this version under CSP model license, because the device and users appear on Azure AD, but Windows show as not actived, the documentation available doesn't clarify if the previous version must be active before start the new license (10 E3), and still have different scenarios where the machine is under domain control and anothers where it's just workgroup. And still have another details, I read documentation saying which this deploy might be done from Windows 7 and Windows 8 also ( Pro versions).
Can us understand this deploy as an upgrade of the OS?
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Please try here: Windows 10 E3 from CSP


Also, I have attached  Windows-10-Enterprise-E3-in-CSP-Technical-Guide.pdf



Ya Gowrisha I saw this documentation too, It's the correct way where the stuffs should be works, but maybe the user did not had the old OS actived, I need looking for where is the point of failure. But thank you very much to share your skill about it!
You are welcome :)