Welcome to the Windows 10 deployment AMA!

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We will spend this hour discussing Windows 10 deployment scenarios, best practices, tips and tricks with the Windows product and engineering teams.

Please submit each question by clicking "Start a new conversation" in this Windows 10 deployment group so we can easily identify and answer them.

If you are looking for help with a specific issue, please visit the Windows IT Pro forums on TechNet.

After the event, we will make a summary of the AMA and post it to the group. To get started, please introduce yourself as a reply below!



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Mike here from the Tech Community team. Let's talk about deployment! 

Eric checking in from the community team. Excited to see your questions!
Welcome! I'm Chris Jackson ("The App Compat Guy") and super excited to join the team answering questions on, well, ANYTHING!
Nathan here from the Windows 10 IT Pro team, looking forward to seeing your questions!

Hi everyone, 

I'm Dani and I work on some of our content on docs.microsoft.com

You can find my stuff (And others from my team) on : https://docs.microsoft.com/windows/deployment/


We've recently updated the Index and the Table of Content and would love to hear your feedback on that, and feedback around content in general.


Michael Niehaus checking in from the Windows team. Good morning from Redmond!
This is Marc-Andrea from the compatibility team. Looking forward to your questions.
Hello folks. I'm Samesh - Architect in Microsoft Services

@Dan Van Drunen: I've moved your message into the main AMA space here: https://gorovian.000webhostapp.com/?exam=t5/Windows-10-deployment/Re-RE-Welcome-to-the-Windows-10-deploym...


Feel free to post more questions there! 

I have no idea how to interact with this AMA.  Will all replies show up automatically?  Do I need to refresh the page?  Do the Q&As just drop to the bottom as they come in?  Is there threading logic?


It's very difficult to follow along without some guidance on how to use the interface.  Also, Internet Explorer does not present the webpages well at all.  Edge seems to be better but there is no notice that one needs a particular browser.

Great to see so many folks here for the AMA. Please remember to submit your questions as a new thread (not on this welcome post). 

Hey Russell, please share your questions here: https://gorovian.000webhostapp.com/?exam=t5/Windows-10-deployment/bd-p/Windows10deployment  


You will have to refresh the page to see new replies and activity. We'd recommend using Edge. 

Exactly how do you want that done? The AMA is not a forum it is a "thread" so a new thread would be in the hosting forum...

Confusing... Please be a bit clearer

Hey George, 


The AMA is happening in the forum here: https://gorovian.000webhostapp.com/?exam=t5/Windows-10-deployment/bd-p/Windows10deployment. This welcome thread is just for attendees to introduce themself. 

Ok, I think that most people are asking you to use the language that is visible, not the common nomenclatures. So, if you were going to give someone a walk through, and you were talking to them over the phone, what buttons, links, etc would you use to walk them through getting to the point of seeing replies, seeing new posts... example...


I believe a new "post" would be called a "conversation"

a "thread" would be the subsequent "replies" to a "conversation"

to add something to the "conversation", you press reply, type your message, then click the "post" button when you are satisfied with your message.


Does that make sense?