OOBE keyboard layout not set

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The keyboardlayout that is configured in our deploymentprofile is not set correctly. Here is a screenshot of the Settings:



After Installation (over a LAN connection) I end up with either German (not German - Switzerland) or both English and German (and switchable via Shift + Alt).


It happens on all our Devices.


The Language and Region are set correctly and if I go to install a keyboard layout it looks like none is installed. 


Here is what it looks like on the OS (sorry it's in German):

Sprachen Problem.png


The Steps I have to take to fix this on a device are the following:

  1. Go to the "Language" menu and klick on change for "German (Switzerland)", scroll all the way down and add the Keyboard layout (left side of screenshot)
  2. Go to Advanced Keyboardsettings and change the Dropdown  from "language list" to "German (Switzerland)"
  3. Adopt the Changes for all other users and the welcome page (right side of screenshot).


This is not a singular incident it happens on all our devices and is 100% reproducible. What is happening here?


Thanks in advance.

EDIT: If I disable the option to automatically configure the keyboard it will do just that and German (Switzerland) is an option. So for the time being we're using this as a workaround. Not a very nice solution though.


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