Windows Admin Center 1809 Generally Available!

This is our first GA refresh since Windows Admin Center version 1804.25, and it's packed with new features.
Check out the official announcement blog post for more information and download or update today!
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@Jeff Woolslayer Yes and Yes both work fine, i use them both quite reguarly. I'm at a loss, i've tried just about everything under the sun. and like i said, it worked fine in 1808. It's on its own vm with nothing else installed other than windows admin center. I'm going to try installing it on a fresh new vm of 2016 and see if that fixes it

Same here...

Status Code: 400 Bad Request when loading page (join capture)

Thank you so much @Dominique Manas for the screenshot. This will help us determine the root cause.

Did you ever get Remote Desktop working via admin center?

Did you get remote desktop via admin center working? I recently installed it on a new 2016 vm and I'm unable to get RDP to work. I've tried Chrome and Edge.

We've fixed some bugs in the most recent release, check out the 1809.5 announcement here. 

Thanks Jeff! Updating to 1809.5 did the trick.

I did! what ended up doing it was making a GPO. I made a new group policy and enabled "allow users to connect remotely by using remote desktop services". It's under computer configuration/ policies/ admin. templates/ win components/ remote desktop services/remote desktop session host/connections/. once i pushed the gpo out to my servers its worked flawlessly.

Thanks @Deleted! We will add this to our troubleshooting information.