Unable to Remove Feed from WAC and UAC


Hello, I have WAC (Desktop and Gateway) that I'm not able to modify the Feed settings.

PS C:\temp> get-Feed


I configured a secondary Feed (Nexus Repo).  This source was working find but not I WAC receives the following error:
Couldn't update extension catalogs. Error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.

I believe the nexus repo I'm using was recently updated.  However, I can't remove the 2nd Feed.  In the interface the options are grayed out (see attached).

I've a read a few posts about having to run WAC as elevated or use Edge inprivate Window, I've had mixed results using either. 

The PS remove-feed doesn't allow me to remove the feed with an issue.

Is there a way to reset the Feed configuration without having to remove/Install the product?

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