Video series: An Inside Look at Project Honolulu

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First published on on Sep 21, 2017
We hope you're getting excited about the upcoming launch of Project Honolulu! To give you a better understanding of what we've built, we've made a couple of short videos:

Check out the Overview of Project Honolulu for a broad look at Project Honolulu, its architecture, deployment options, and its capabilities:

If you want to be ready to deploy Honolulu as soon as it becomes available for download, watch Getting Started with Project Honolulu to learn about how to install and get straight to managing servers, failover clusters, and hyper-converged clusters in your environment:

Note that these videos include a link to download Project Honolulu - this download link will give you access to Project Honolulu as soon as it's released within a couple of days. [Update 9/22/2017] The download is now available!

These are the first of a series of videos we will publish to help you manage your environments with Project Honolulu. Continue to follow this team blog for more content about the future of management and be the first to know when Project Honolulu becomes available for download!
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