Windows 365 Autopilot Deployment Profile

Windows 365 Autopilot Deployment Profile



 Jul 21 2021
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I think an Autopilot deployment profile which locks the user's device into their licensed Windows 365 session would be a really beneficial scenario. Focusing on the Education sector, a device could be purchased with relatively minimal specs which can be provisioned directly into a higher-spec Windows 365 environment. Students and Teachers alike can then move around the campus using the exact same session in Windows 365 while moving between physical hardware. Students and teachers who are studying IT focused courses like 3D modelling or design who require higher spec machines can use the anticipated GPU-powered SKUs without us having to change their hardware.


How can you know hardware id / mac / serials, of the newly created (Azure VM) machine, that does not exists? This is possible for physical hardware, and for re-usable VM's. ...


I don't mean provisioning the VM with autopilot. I mean a normal Windows 10 Autopilot build deployment profile. So I have a laptop that is provisioned with Autopilot OOBE and effectively kiosks me into the Windows 365 cloud webpage so I have no choice but to use the Windows 365 instance. I can in theory hack this together with a script deployed with a profile, but would be nice to have a supported configuration option for this.

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